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About LalooLalang


Our Approach

LALOOLALANG (inspired by the Malay phrase for "passing by") is a media production and events management team that celebrates local entrepreneurship and community building. LALOOLALANG is the definitive curators of unforgettable event experiences. Determined champions of enterprise, art, craft and culture, heritage and modernity.

Helmed and curated by media personalities Huda Ali and Den Sabari, this thematic venture has been hugely successful since its debut in July 2015.

LalooLalang has defined the modern day pop up event experience. Our reach surpasses all generations from the youth to the seniors through cross-generational conversation; be it literal or social to encourage ground up integration amongst the masses.

Our mission is for LALOOLALANG to be the definitive social hub where passion meets enterprise, where the arts and the community merges; engaging everyone from all walks of life.

LalooLalang; Events Curation and Beyond!

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